Anneleen K - Murano glasjuwelen

Murano glass jewels

Handmade jewelry with Murano glass from various glass artists on Murano (Venice) and jewelry that I make with glass beads that I buy on Murano. Extensive collection for different color – and style types.


Anneleen K - Murano glasdecoratie

Murano glass decoration

Exclusive Murano glass decoration – big and small – in different color contrasts and styles that I get directly from the various glass artists in Venice. Large collection animals, clowns, statues, lamps, plates and vases. I also have an extensive collection cristal from Florence which is handpainted in Venice. Glasses and carafe for water, wine, champagne, liqueur; vases and plates of all kinds. Art to use!


Own handmade jewelry

About 10 years ago I was guided by my creative side and I started my own jewelry collection. My starting point are the different color- and style types of women; I believe that every woman is beautiful with a few accents and attention to colors and style. This is reflected in my extensive collection of resin, polaris and enamel gems.


Anneleen K - sjaals

Scarf jewelry and silk scarves

I have a thing with scarves…it is a great accessory; in particular silk scarves offer many possibilities to make that difference in your outfit. That’s why I always have an extensive choice of silk scarves in my shop. Scarf jewelry was created by my love for scarves. It is jewelry that you wear like a scarf; in my designs I work with various beads, cord and ribbon or also in combination with a silk scarf.


Anneleen K - Venetiaanse maskers

Handmade Venetian masks

Venice is not only known for its glass art but also for the very special handmade masks. This should not be missed in my shop; I have a wide range of small and large masks in various styles; a unique piece of decoration or also ideal for a masked ball.